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Ultimate OCR is located at Åkersberga, Stockholm, Sweden on the 28 th of April 2018.
A challenging obstacle course race of 9+ km running and 40 obstacles.
It is your performance that matters and everyone can join!

9+ km running

The course winds it way through the undulating terrain of Hacksta Forest, not only is the track itself a challenge but the runner will meet various obstacles along their path which are easily accessible to the public and spectators.

40 obstacles

Ultimate OCR is a race where you won’t face American Footballers or Electric, we believe the natural terrain and the obstacles are a big enough challenge. The course will include elements of climbing, strength and running, a combination that all competitors will discover their strengths to reach the finish line.
No penalties, however, a wristband.
We do not believe in punishment.


At Ultimate OCR everyone starts with a wristband.
You get unlimited number of attempts to complete each obstacle. If you give up, your wristband will be cut and you can then continue the race.
Only competitors with the wristband remaining can stand on the podium and the results list will first and foremost be ranked after those who managed to keep their wristband. But, you´ll get your time and your medal of honour whether you still have the wristband or not.

Timing and team competition

– Every competitor who crosses the finish line gets their time registered and their individual position.
– The competitors, who have entered the same team name, form a team.
– Teams with at least 4 runners will automatically participate in the team event where the four best times are counted within the team.
– A team must consist of a minimum of 4 runners. (Elite Runners can not simultaneously compete in the team event.)

Qualifying race and Swedish Championships:

– Ultimate OCR is qualifying to OCR European Championships.
– The race is an official Swedish Firemen Championship with its own starting group of firefighters.

To get more information about Qualifications terms OCREC, Elite Division, Prizes, Accommodation and much more, check https://ultimateocr.se/in-english/

Do not lose anything at @ultimateocr !


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